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What are the benefits of HVAC Air Purification during the coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus & HVAC?

During the coronoavirus outbreak, people are wondering the best ways to keep safe.  But what about keeping safe at home with your indoor air quality? Learn how Island Breeze HVAC can help clean the air in your home from viruses...
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Is it time to get your HVAC replaced
HVAC System Replacement
When is it time to replace your system?

Heating and Air Conditioning systems unfortunately do not last forever! You can have continued maintenance done on them year after year and that can prolong the life of your system, but when is it time to call the pros and get a replacement?
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Furry dust on hvac vent
Change your air filter in North Carolina to keep your home HVAC running smooth
When Should You Change Your Filter?

How often do you change your home air filters? Once a month? Whenever you see dust building up on the vent? There are several benefits to home air filter maintenance, so mark your calendar and change those air filters regularly!
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New hvac installation
Island Breeze HVAC installation Raleigh
7 Top Reasons to Have a Professional Install Your HVAC Unit

There are a lot of DIYers out there today, so you might think that you could save some money by repairing or even installing an HVAC Unit yourself, but there is a very distinct possibility that you could make things worse that could lead to costly and avoidable repairs.
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Custom climatecare winterization
Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

The cold weather came upon us here in North Carolina faster than I think we expected.  Seems like only yesterday it was so sweltering we thought we were going to melt.  However, before you know it the bitter winter temperatures will make their way to Raleigh, Jacksonville, and even Wilmington. Here are some ways to keep your home this winter season

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HVAC Maintenance
Maintenace agrements for homeowners in North Carolina, Serving Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Wilmington, Clayton, Garner, Durham, Chapel Hill, Jacksonville, Holly Springs, and Fuquay Varina
Does Regular HVAC Maintenance Really Help?

Lots of our North Carolina heating and air conditioning customers push off routine maintenance for their homes AC unit, but we always end up getting calls to repair the Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, or Furnace because they stop performing properly. Most North Carolina homeowners just don't want to pay for, what they deem as, an added expense for maintenance service. Does is really keep your HVAC unit from breaking down?

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Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning Raleigh NC
3 Tips to Help Your Air Conditioners Performance

Trying to make your air colder in this humidity and "feels like 100" temps is the most important for local homeowners. Here we will run down 3 tips to help your system run the most efficient:

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11 HVAC Tips Before You Leave For Vacation…

Before your next vacation, be sure to take care of these tasks to keep your unit in good repair and to lower energy costs while you’re gone... 

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Smart Thermostats are all the Rage…

Yet, it’s not as if “dumb” thermostats are going obsolete. In fact, we’ll be the first ones to tell you that a programmable thermostat is all you need to run your air conditioner efficiently.
But that’s not to say programmable thermostats are infallible.

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Spring clean 2017 04 28
HVAC Systems Last Longer with Regular Maintenance

As May continues, he days are getting warmer and the nights are getting longer. We are already seeing temps starting to rise and hottest days will soon follow.  Now is the time for smart homeowners to get ready.

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Suffering from Spring Allergies? Asthma & Allergy Prevention Tips

For asthma and allergy sufferers, spring can be downright miserable—Especially from the North Carolina pollen we deal with in April.

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Dealing with the Lions and Lambs of March with Your HVAC System
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