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Does Regular HVAC Maintenance Really Help

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Why HVAC Maintenance Matters?

When it comes to your air conditioner, prevention is really the best way to save on paying more money in HVAC repairs later.  Not only will getting a maintenance service contract in Raleigh, NC save you money in the fees you pay to the HVAC company, but you will also decrease your energy bill! As long as you get your HVAC system tuned up every so often your energy bills should remain consistently low. Let Island Breeze HVAC share some ways preventative maintenance will help your HVAC perform better over time.

How Not Cleaning Your HVAC Affects Performance?

It may seem like cleaning your air conditioning system is one of the smallest pieces of maintenance service, but it is by far the most important. One of the reasons people get an AC maintenance service contract in Cary, NC is to help them tackle the bulk of the cleaning.  When you have neglected to clean your HVAC unit for an extended period of time, a specialist with deep cleaning equipment will come in and do the job with more experience than the typical DIYer in Cary NC

Time and time again we suggest people replace or clean their filters in their Apex, NC home, which often falls on deaf ears. But clogged filters will obstruct airflow which means the air has to push harder to get through putting extra pressure and heat into your HVAC evaporator coils. Why does that matter? Well, if there’s dirt and debris in the filter, now that same dirt is circulation in the air of your home and the extra heat put on the coils will many times lead them to breaking down. When the extra heat isn’t being absorbed by the evaporator you’ve automatically got an air conditioner that is using 5-15% more energy!  Which is rising the energy bill of your home.

AC maintenance service in Raleigh, NC

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Your AC Is Likely To Get Worn Down and Break Down When You Need It Most!

It’s not just a coincidence that many HVAC companies charge higher prices in their peak times for HVAC usage.  The inevitable faults all HVAC units go through could be lessened with good maintenance from a local, reputable heating and air conditioning company in Raleigh. We at Island Breeze HVAC believe it’s in your best interest to prepare your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump for the upcoming seasons we endure in North Carolina.

By booking a maintenance service in Raleigh when prices are lower, it will ensure that your HVAC unit is in great shape when the bitter cold of winter, or the swelter North Carolina heat comes calling. Your energy bills start creep up as you move the thermostat up or down to make your unit run longer.

As the summer draws near to an end after Labor day here in North Carolina, this is the perfect time to schedule a maintenance call as the rush of summer service is closing and before that first winter chill hits the area.  Whether you are in Clayton, Raleigh, or beyond, Island Breeze HVAC can cover your maintenance before its too late! Contact us now on on (919) 693-4822 to save on our current maintenance plans.

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