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HVAC Installation

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Professional HVAC Installation For Your Raleigh, NC & Surrounding Areas Home

When you are in need of a new heating or cooling system, call on the expert services of Island Breeze HVAC. When it comes to installing HVAC systems nobody does it better. To make sure you get the most bang for your buck, don't waste your time on service providers who just take your money and don't care if your HVAC system is installed properly. Get the service and the attention that you deserve from Island Breeze HVAC. Our service technicians put you and your comfort first, taking your system through a series of tests to ensure that everything is operating at maximum capacity.

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Do I Need A New Heater Or Air Conditioner?

A new HVAC system is a huge investment, so it makes sense you'd want to be absolutely certain before deciding to purchase one. Luckily, there are a few things that can tip you off that the time for maintenance and repair is over and you need to commit to a new installation. Here are some things to consider:

  • How Old Is My System? - If your HVAC system is over ten years old, you're likely reaching a point of diminishing returns on any money you spend to repair or maintain it. Plus, a new system will let you take advantage of all the advancements in comfort tech from the past decade.
  • Is My System Making Loud Noises? - Sometimes, this is just a sign your HVAC just needs a little TLC and repair. Sometimes, it's your system's death rattle. If your system is making noises you've never heard (or imagined!) consider getting it replaced.
  • Are My Energy Bills Too High? - If you've noticed a sudden spike in your energy bills and nothing's changed with the weather outside, it could be that your system is having to work too hard to keep the temperature up - or down. If it can't keep up anymore, it probably needs to be replaced.
  • Am I On A First-Name Basis With My HVAC Tech? - Look, we're always happy to come and visit. But if you find you're calling us for repair on a shockingly regular basis, chances are your money would be better spent investing in a new system rather than propping up the old one. 

Our Weather Is Unpredictable. Your Comfort Shouldn't Be.

We know very well North Carolina summers can reach temperatures in the triple digits and winters can get surprisingly cold. Making sure your air conditioner or heater are working properly in your home will keep you and your family comfy no matter what the mercury does. We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve a cozy environment at the lowest possible cost and with some of the best customer service in the HVAC industry.

Start Your New Installation Now!

Contact our knowledgeable associates to find out more about how our HVAC installation services can benefit you and your home. You'll receive care that is second to none and workmanship you can rely on time and again. Message us online or give us a call at (919) 693-4822 today!

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