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HVAC Service in Chapel Hill, NC

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Top Rated AC Repair Service near Chapel Hill, NC

In North Carolina summer always approaches fast. If you have a great air conditioning company like Island Breeze HVAC at your back, you can be comfortable any type of season. We have been serving Chapel Hill homeowners with the AC unit maintenance, repair and replacement that everyone needs once in a while. We would love a chance to show you how our friendly, professional technicians can help you battle the North Carolina heat, without you having to lift a finger.

Time For An HVAC Upgrade? We Make It Easy!

Making an investment in your home comfort in Chapel Hill NC is always a worthwhile decision. Sometimes it is hard to justify spending the money on home upgrades, but we at Island Breeze HVAC believe that a new air conditioner should be an easy decision for your home's comfort. Old air conditioners waste money and energy, and just can't keep a house as cool as a new energy efficient unit. A new AC unit might be just what you need to turn the season to your favor. Our customers keep coming back and referring us for

  • Years of HVAC experience
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Competitive pricing on all our services
  • Guarantees that we can solve your air conditioning problems

HVAC Service Chapel Hill, NC Residents Can Count On!

Dealing with a dysfunctional air conditioner is the last thing people in Chapel Hill want to deal with. From frozen coils to a compressor that will not even turn on, you need to know that you can call Island Breeze HVAC for help. We are always ready and willing to provide assistance. Give us a call for:

  • Emergency Service, 365 Days a Year
  • Expert AC Repair
  • Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Free Estimates

Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Specialist

AC and heat pump replacement will eventually need to happen to all systems. Let the experts at Island Breeze HVAC take care of the details.

We have replaced thousands of AC and heat pump systems and are familiar with all current NC codes and laws for air conditioner and heat pump replacements. We will put together options for your AC and heat pump replacements for your home, keeping your comfort and budget in mind.

Furnace Repair For Chappel Hill, NC And Beyond

You want your home to be comfortable year-round. When your furnace is not working properly, it might feel like you're stuck up north. Frankly, if you wanted to be cold, you could have bought a house in Canada - and probably for a lot less money!

You can keep your Tar Heel home a toasty refuge from Carolina winters with professional furnace repair from Island Breeze HVAC.

We handle all types of furnaces:

  • natural gas.
  • oil.
  • electric.
  • propane.
  • wood.

If you need a pile of blankets to be comfortable in the dropping temperatures, then call (919) 693-4822 today!


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Dilan  G.

Dilan G.

Performed repair on system

Near Chesley Ln, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Chapel Hill, NC - Performed repair on system
Shawn  L.

Shawn L.

Three units. Downstairs is not cooling.

Near Chesley Ln, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Shawn  L.

Shawn L.

Two units. Downstairs is not cooling.

Near Chesley Ln, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Amanda G.

Amanda G.

AC Refrigerant Recharge near Belmont St. A residential client contacted us when their AC system was not cooling effectively. Our technicians performed a thorough inspection and found that the refrigerant levels were low. We promptly recharged the refrigerant to the manufacturer's specifications, optimizing the cooling capacity of the system. The client experienced improved cooling performance and comfort, ensuring they stayed cool during the hot summer days.

Near Chapel Hill, NC
Amanda G.

Amanda G.

Air Conditioning System Tune-Up near Valley Park Dr. I arrived at the client's residence for their scheduled springtime air conditioning Tune-up services. I performed a meticulous and comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of each component of their HVAC system. Starting with the ductwork, I inspected the entire system to identify any leaks, obstructions, or damages that could hinder the airflow or compromise indoor air quality. Next, I meticulously cleaned the condensate drain line and evaporator coils, removing any accumulated dirt, dust, or debris that could impede cooling efficiency. Moving on to the electrical system, I assessed the wiring, connections, and electrical components to ensure they were in good condition and functioning safely. To optimize the system's performance, I carefully calibrated the system settings, taking into account factors such as temperature differentials and humidity levels. I also analyzed the airflow patterns, making necessary adjustments to enhance cooli

Near Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Shawn  L.

Shawn L.

Fall heat pump tuneup!

Near Springberry Ln, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Chapel Hill, NC - Fall heat pump tuneup!

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